The G30 was founded in 2006 by Dr Anthony Seldon, the Head of Wellington College, UK and David Wylde, the Head of St Andrews College, South Africa. There are up to 30 G30 schools with usually about 20 G30 schools being able to meet annually.



The G30 brings Heads from leading schools together on an annual basis. All participants are encouraged to share their best practice, thoughts, ideas and challenges within a strictly confidential environment. Heads and their spouses appreciate the unique nature of the role of Head and benefit from the sharing amongst the G30 group. Uniquely, the G30 group includes spouses of Heads in the full conference program.

Administration costs are kept low and the G30 group does not have a formal constitution, executive structures or offices.

Outside of the annual G30 conferences, G30 Heads are encouraged to exchange ideas and arrange visits for them and their staff to other G30 schools.

The conference program is organised by the current Head of the G30 school. Guest speakers are invited, not just in the field of education but in a broad range of pursuits. G30 Heads and spouses gain just as much from the cultural immersion in the country and the informal conversations as they do from the formal conference program.

In 2013 a conference for G30 Deputy Heads was hosted by Wellington College, UK and in 2016 at Buckingham Browne & Nichols, USA and Appleby College, Canada.




Any membership can be directed to the Chair of the G30 Schools Membership Sub Committee,
Nicholas Sampson


2022 Conference

Due to the Corona pandemic Schule Schloss Salem had to cancel the G30 Schools’ Conference in 2020 at short notice. Hoping for more favourable conditions in 2022, Schule Schloss Salem has started to prepare a second conference. As always it will allow for togetherness and professional exchange. Moreover the network will take a closer look at Kurt Hahn’s pedagogical ideas, examples of environmental education, the expectations of modern employers towards school and university graduates, conditions for successful scientific research, a wide range of German culture and the question of how to best foster highly gifted students. Salem 2020 - 100 Jahre Zukunft | Salem 2020 - 100 Years of Future



Past Conferences




Past Conferences

  • 2019Upper Canada College and Appleby College, Toronto, Canada

  • 2018Carey Baptist Grammar School, Melbourne Australia

  • 2017Brookhouse School, Kenya

  • 2016RDFZ, The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China and Chinese International School, Hong Kong

  • 2015Wellington College, Stowe School, Eton College and Marlborough College, UK

  • 2014Markham College, Peru

  • 2013Daly College, India

  • 2012Phillips Exeter Academy and Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, USA

  • 2011International School of Geneva, Switzerland

  • 2010The King’s School, Australia

  • 2009Harvard-Westlake School, USA

  • 2008King’s Academy, Jordan

  • 2007St Andrew’s College and Bishops Diocesan College, South Africa

  • 2006Wellington College and Eton College, UK



Philip Grutzner (G30 Chair)

Melbourne Grammar School, Australia

"...It is a privilege to be part of such a strong and cohesive group. It is wonderful to regularly share our hopes, best practices and challenges with interesting Heads and their partners from interesting schools all around the world”

Robin Appleby

The American School in London, UK

Fred Assaf

Pace Academy, USA

Peter Nilsson

King’s Academy, Jordan

Neeraj Bedhotiya

Daly College, India

Carina Nilsson

Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket (SSHL), Sweden

John Austin

Deerfield, USA

Keith Evans

Westminster, USA

Karen Jurjevich

Branksome Hall, Canada

Arun Kapur

The Royal Academy, Bhutan

Simon Lamb

King’s College, New Zealand

Deryn Lavell

Saltus Grammar, Bermuda

Stephen Meek

Director of Qatar Academy, Doha

Sean Lynch

Chinese International School, Hong Kong

Sam McKinney

Upper Canada College, Canada

Rebecca Cody

Geelong Grammar School, Australia

Ruxandra Mercea

Transylvania College, Romania

John O’Connor

Brookhouse School, Kenya

Diane Rosenberg

Nueva School, USA

Nicholas Sampson

Cranbrook School, Australia

Charles Skipper

Robert College, Turkey

Alan Thompson

St Andrew’s College, South Africa

Michael Thomson

Aitchison College, Pakistan

Rebecca Upham

Whittle School and Studios, Immediate Past Chair

Anthony Wallersteiner

Stowe School, United Kingdom

Bernd Westermeyer

Schule Schloss Salem, Germany

Innes van Nostrand

Appleby College, Canada

Leo Winkley

Shrewsbury School, UK

Liu Xiaohui

RDFZ, Beijing, China